Subject Case: High Hardness of CMC-S45H after Being Welded


Case: High Hardness of CMC-S45H after Being Welded


Case Analysis:

In June 4th, 2009, our client NanTong Chaoda Machinery and Technology Co., Ltd reflected that CMC-S45H can be used on S45C without any problems. But the series of FCD with a high hardness could become much harder after being rendered by CMC-30N.

In regard of the reflection from NanTong Company, we had collected lots of materials and made several test. Finally, we found TIG welding wire of

CMC-SSH, which was a kind of high hardness welding wire

Could be directly welded on cast steel with good smooth welded melting metal. Immediately, we had made tests on new.


CMC-SSH as following:

1.  Shanghai Xinyi Typical Material Melding

Factory (welding, Machinery processing).

Look at the right picture.


2. Shanghai Liyou Metal Industry Co., Ltd ( Rockwell hardness tester).

CMC-SSH 2.4 is welded on FCD400

Hardness degree is HRC: 49~52°



According to those above data, our company suggested our client NanTong Company to choose CMC-SSH to be welded to FCD steel.


Subsequent survey:

Our client was satisfied with the testing results and also had taken our suggestion. After taking CMC-SSH into real molds, our client had given good comment and also received their products users’ appreciation.




Wang Shengfen

June 8th2009