CmCtw is founded in 1983

CmCtw is founded in 1983. From the beginning, we have always been recommend the customs chooseing suitable welding material. Since our professional research on repair welding, we have make “the bridge between welding and mould”, and we won fame in mould and welding industry both in the main land and in Taiwan.

For the experiences we have, CmCtw can give you a precise advice for your consultation about the material. For we have a abundant storage,we can reply your order rapidly. For we are professional about mould repairing,we can support you under all conditions.

The quality of our products are long-term stabilization, and we value “supremacy of customers” high, We're noted for developing long-term partnering relationships with our customers and consistently going the extra mile to provide the right laser solution.

1.   Special materials for molding repair and maintence. As TIG wire, Electrode, Laser filler wire

2.   Support technique of repairing the molding tool

3.   Every kind of importing welding equipment